acoustic guitar

Eminem & Rihanna – I Love the way you Lie – Igor Presnyakov – acoustic cover

I love the way you lie . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov .

Duration : 0:4:59

[youtube q5wBQh0Yqj4]


  1. xzalonxz123


  2. e2theric

    so freaking awsome! …
    so freaking awsome!!:D

    keep jamming on!:D

    Pease! tumps up! (Y)

  3. DespiertoSammy


  4. peteyg1

    @SaraaaahBRO BUT IT …
    @SaraaaahBRO BUT IT ME OFF

  5. kevinzmallari


  6. SaraaaahBRO

    amazing video
    amazing video

  7. SaraaaahBRO

    lol get …

    lol get over it.
    its not that big a deal

  8. Drummerboi0707


  9. claptonstratgreen1

    @newyorkbsbll4 well …
    @newyorkbsbll4 well its a classical style. but as for the type, it looks like a Taylor

  10. jasondraper

    sik guy :)

    sik guy :)

  11. MrShanbla

    That is …
    That is UNBELIEVABLE guitar playing.I wish I was even quarter as good as that!!!!!

  12. newyorkbsbll4

    what kinda guitar …
    what kinda guitar is that?

  13. mymonkeymoves

    bad dude
    bad dude

  14. Austin91492

    thank god he didnt …
    thank god he didnt rap the whole song while playing that good because oprah winfrey’s head would’ve exploded.

  15. umyjsepachy

    Chyba jedna z …
    Chyba jedna z najlepszych Igora

  16. Panostechdeck

    you are always …
    you are always wearing the fight hat… always my hero. you are the best

  17. Austin91492

    28 justin bieber …
    28 justin bieber fans have viewed this video

  18. tjasen1

    i love the way you …
    i love the way you sing!!!

  19. peteyg1

    @SaraaaahBRO What …
    @SaraaaahBRO What does her being your friend have to do with anything? She wrote a comment which is posted on all popular videos multiple times it’s annoying

  20. silorful

    love your …
    love your technique!

  21. Positiveman100

    чювак) чисто красава
    чювак) чисто красава


    i guess those 28 …
    i guess those 28 meant this just ironically

  23. marvinjust

    you should perform …
    you should perform Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing..Thumps UP

  24. SaraaaahBRO

    mind your …

    mind your own business.
    she’s my friend and she can say what she wants.

  25. doslabidodingdong1

    @ArtjomGlad how is …
    @ArtjomGlad how is he a sell out?

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