Gareth Pearson – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) – Solo Acoustic Guitar

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) arrangement by Gareth Pearson on his CD “Urban Echoes Vol 1″ available at, and itunes

Visit Gareth Pearson at and

Duration : 0:4:12

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25 thoughts on “Gareth Pearson – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) – Solo Acoustic Guitar

  1. Andy McKee linked …
    Andy McKee linked Gareth’s “Thriller” cover on his Facebook a couple months back and have been a fan ever since. I’m hoping that they will tour together sometime soon, because that would be awesome!!!!

  2. @douzestrings

    guess how many thumbs down i got from saying sunghas playing like a maschine, no feelings at all but flawlessly!

  3. It’s funny how I …
    It’s funny how I first saw this video. I just looked at it and thought: “Hm.. He has got a long way to reach Rafferty’s level”, but never the less, I have come to like this version much better? :-)

  4. @LedZeppelinPage …
    @LedZeppelinPage Maybe that came out wrong. What I’m saying is Sungha is getting a lot of praise for Raffertys tab and is getting a lot of credit as SJ’s version. Also listen to how GP uses every bit of tone from the guitar feeling the music. Personally I do not get that from SJs playing, as good as it is. GPs version and playing is more musical due to his expression in his playing. There is emotion. Sungha is a great player, but IMHO, lacks the emotion that GP has in his playing.

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