1. mezik123

    who care’s about …
    who care’s about the guitar.look!

  2. metalone1st



    lol love allie!!!!

  3. Liberate4

    it’s a taylor guitar
    it’s a taylor guitar

  4. buckster7777

    look at the …
    look at the headstock…

  5. Kokushi666


  6. t3golf

    Taylor GS5. It’s a …
    Taylor GS5. It’s a cedar top guitar.

  7. pinguii1994

    i like that guitar …
    i like that guitar do u mind telling me the brand???

  8. KernelFactory

    Ali has some …
    Ali has some healthy “lungs”. Great job.

  9. IDareToSpeak

    once again thanks …
    once again thanks for your lessons i’ve learn really a lot.

  10. IDareToSpeak

    your friend is …
    your friend is always shinny, lets face it shes the hotest, hot, hot, hotest singer i’ve seen

  11. zchipmunk

    more like wat he …
    more like wat he said lol :D

  12. jwdeljr80

    Kris Kristofferson …
    Kris Kristofferson was the ; nice job!

  13. Dannicthemanic

    “I’ve got a blues …
    “I’ve got a blues domination package for you”

    that’s what she said.

  14. muHaHiHo


  15. Marseille5

    “Freedom’s just …
    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.

    Legendary song.

  16. MrNicktw

    well shes not …
    well shes not afraid to reveal…

  17. 777Grindcorian

    superblues …
    superblues domination…lol

    chris farley is the best

  18. buckeyefan012

    This is by far her …
    This is by far her best work. She sounds a bit like Janis

  19. andyrew001

    wow shes is …
    wow shes is beautiful. i wish i had a girl that looked like that in my band haha

  20. daxcastro

    its amazing how you …
    its amazing how you can make a G-C-D song sound so cool. Helps to have the set of lungs on your right. Awesome Job.. after the first few views I was strumming right along with you!!!

  21. OrangeWeiner

    THATS MY WIFE!!!!! …
    THATS MY WIFE!!!!! WTF BRO!!!!!

  22. PardonMyZinger

    shhtttttt…….. …
    shhtttttt……..unning.. both the music and the singing.. what a voice!

  23. ymsbphan420

    very n1ce.
    very n1ce.

  24. wykleg

    love the criss …
    love the criss farley impression haha

  25. newhavenproject

    The amazing Kris …
    The amazing Kris Kristofferson.

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