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Learn Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Neil Young – Heart of Gold Free Online Guitar Lessons

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here’s the progression for heart of gold !!! enjoy

Duration : 0:6:1

[youtube 5GzabmsdHuM]


  1. np4x4

    Beautiful Song, …
    Beautiful Song, Thanks for the Lesson Marty.

  2. bobbob12g

    When your as good …
    When your as good as this guy, only then can you get away with wearing a pink shirt!

  3. dysondco1

    yeah thanks for …
    yeah thanks for that your right he plays it like that so his fingering is right for the little riff that follows. Not like Marty to slip up hes the best on you tube

  4. ibizaboyz

    haha love the …
    haha love the ending of the video! thanks!

  5. jamfen

    its just the way …
    its just the way hes playing the E7 chord ..his fingers look like they playing a G chord but the top string on the G isnt being played … :)

  6. dysondco1

    It looks like marty …
    It looks like marty also plays a g chord in the first section of the intro but never mentions this has anyone else picked up on this?

  7. jleb310ce

    It could be a …
    It could be a number of things, but i’m thinking it might be the neck of the guitar is warped a little, or maybe your bridge is screwed a little bit.
    Maybe take it for a tune up at your local guitar center.

  8. biglebowski241

    it may be the tuner …
    it may be the tuner itself you might want to replace it with a better quality one

  9. hamehead1

    i have a question …
    i have a question if anyone can answer me

    my guitar is tuned half a step down why is it my top e string never goes or stays in tune ive put new strings on it but it still doesnt tune right

  10. ejzojeden

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand the beating at the C chord is that: DD-UDUD are he muting dle string when going up? muting all UDUD part?

  11. oregongeo63

    Hey Marty very good …
    Hey Marty very good lesson well done.

  12. skykiller31

    thank you marty
    thank you marty

  13. snackeater45

    can you tell me the …
    can you tell me the rythm of the right hand
    please ’cause i don’t get it !

  14. dacomb

    4:20 the secret way …
    4:20 the secret way to give all of the viewers the finger :) lol

  15. esatis

    wow i love that …
    wow i love that song! so great that you put a lesson for it!!

  16. ChicagoAstronomer

    Altready…within …
    Altready…within three minutes of watching…I have learned the basics of “Heart of Gold”

    You too cool!

  17. copkilla202

    Dat Was ing hard
    Dat Was ing hard

  18. stevieVantanna

    This is GREAT as …
    This is GREAT as usual Marty, but are ever going to teach us to simotaneously moonwalk and jam on th guitar at the same time?

  19. indianoutlaw19

    Awsome man! simply …
    Awsome man! simply cool beans. Best Teacher out there!

  20. Edgar3254

    in the Em,C,D,G part
    in the Em,C,D,G part

  21. bdarnell1966

    Hey where’s the …
    Hey where’s the harmonica at? Great song.

  22. downhill240

    Absolutely the best …
    Absolutely the best channel on Youtube. I cast 5 ballots every time for you man!

  23. suiram966

    If there will be …
    If there will be like a best music teacher contest I’ll vote for you 1 billion times! I swear! You are the best teacher ever! you know how to give advices…you know how to teach the song for everybody to understand it! Marty, YOU ARE THE MAN!

  24. torrturre

    Thanks alot for all …
    Thanks alot for all this videos! :D

  25. 61golfgeek

    Marty you are crazy …
    Marty you are crazy!! That is why you are the man!!
    This is the best channel on You Tube!!!

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