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National Anthem of Soviet Union (acoustic guitar)

Ok, National Anthem of Soviet Union again but now with better sound
quality. I’m not sure for playing whether it is better or worse.

Recorded with my homestudio. Just one guitar cable to my soundcard (EMU 1820) and recorded with Cubase SX.

Duration : 0:2:4

[youtube T0GejZj4h2c]


  1. Retribution45

    By far the …
    By far the prettiest of national anthems. I prefer it over my country (america’s) anthem.

    Excellent guitar work!

  2. bigbirdweb

    so asome and …
    so asome and powerful

  3. BOBAMA1987

    damnnn nice
    nn nice

  4. sovietluigi

    i can play it on sax
    i can play it on sax

  5. amidamaru646

    Beautiful, just …
    Beautiful, just beautiful

  6. bayougrande


  7. Balbesso

    Tabs dude! plz
    Tabs dude! plz

  8. DaishiVI

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for proving to me that this song could sound ing fabulous on an acoustic guitar.

    Now, any /other/ guitar? I’ve my doubts.

    This anthem ing rocks in general, in my own opinion- powerful, beautiful and all-around tear-jerking.

    … and I’m American, if that means anything.

  9. dpapaioannow

    i wish that this …
    i wish that this will be the whole planet’s anthem one day

  10. NeoDimension

    The best music of …
    The best music of any national anthem yet. Very beautifully played!

  11. boris77781

    thank you man, …
    thank you man, that’s great, now we just changed the words but the music becamethe same , good work thans a lot

  12. PaskaBee

    Very well played. …
    Very well played. This anthem always reminds me of one of my Russian friends who sings this song when he is drunk. He considers himself a true patriot :D

    Anyway, well done.

  13. sungian


  14. Gageisrasta

    i know theres a …
    i know theres a simpler version on ultimateguitar but you have to have guitar pro or w/e…just get it off bt

  15. DaNIeLmeIsrael

    dude you rock hard! …
    dude you rock hard!!!
    great job.

  16. TheGermanItalianGuy2

    In Soviet Russia …
    In Soviet Russia you dont catch the train……the train catches you

  17. zanyte

    can you please give …
    can you please give me the tabs of this anthem! If I learn how to play this my dad will give me a hundred buks

  18. gostillerz

    Youtube or it …
    Youtube or it didn’t happ…wait. Can you post some tabs? This is beautiful.

  19. xXhanniballecterJXx

    Hahaha! ing …
    Hahaha! ing genius!

  20. CenturyGamer

    In soviet russia, …
    In soviet russia, guitar plays you!

  21. DarkdwarfSoaD

    really good work on …
    really good work on this man!

  22. aldrickbarber35

    …Our eyes saw the …
    …Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above… (Weren’t both of these quotes from Paul Robeson’s Version of the Soviet Anthem?)

  23. sovietluigi

    where great lenin …
    where great lenin lead us… :)

  24. hansjalv

    Gotta love it.
    Gotta love it.

  25. kikiki997

    very nice man, …
    very nice man, bravo !

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