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PS22 Chorus VIVA LA VIDA by Coldplay acoustic guitar version

The PS22 Chorus of 2009 has some fun with Coldplay’s Grammy nominated song Viva La Vida, the amazing new hit single from the album of the same name. Hope it sweeps the Grammies! I love watching them sing this one, and it has kind of a different sound and feel on the guitar than the previously posted piano and acapella versions, so I thought it merited YouTubeage…. :)

April sings the solo and sounds better than ever on this one.

The PS22 Chorus consists of about 60 fifth graders and have sung with Tori Amos, Crowded House, among many others. Visit our above website to find out more about these amazing New York City public school kids.

Coldplay’s new album comes highly recommended, featuring the songs:

01 Life in Technicolor
02 Cemeteries of London
03 Lost!
04 42
05 Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
06 Yes
07 Viva la Vida
08 Violet Hill
09 Strawberry Swing
10 Death and All His Friends

Duration : 0:3:9

[youtube u_tcE4rWovI]


  1. jjjeeerrrsss

    amazing…so cute …
    amazing…so cute small children with big voices…:-)

  2. jockmctavish2

    We were so inspired …
    We were so inspired by the PS22 choir that we performed it as a choir today in a local Performing Arts Festival. It was so well received and the kids were so proud of themselves. Thank you so much for being role-models and an inspiration to others!

  3. waterchica


  4. o0purepko0

    me too, thats why i …
    me too, thats why i searched them up. Alexa Chung FTW!

  5. pingu87


  6. AsxZ19

    kids u all are just …
    kids u all are just amazing, u hav a good future.. IF grade 10’s wer to sing this…….O man(..u prob kno what i mean)

  7. Hikuru2981

    These kids are …
    These kids are awesome! Keep going!

  8. FiskerImages

    Just one Word: …
    Just one Word: Amazing

  9. mikeyandjacksmom81

    These kids are …
    These kids are amazing.. I wish I had a teacher like this when I was little.. I hope my kids love music as much as these kids..

  10. loveeddy99

    wow……damn good
    wow……damn good

  11. gervante

    Wonderful….you …
    Wonderful….you all are great!

  12. veggiegrlrox

    Wow thats amazing
    Wow thats amazing

  13. FenderJenX


  14. dacnercheerchick94

    i just saw them on …
    i just saw them on it’s on with alexa chung performing just dance and they were flipping amazing.

  15. NZsofia87

    wonderful, kisses :)
    wonderful, kisses :)

  16. Zendrig

    I don’t think I …
    I don’t think I understand, what you mean. Are you looking for a German song that sounds like Viva la Vida?

  17. NZsofia87

    you are amazing :)
    you are amazing :) kisses

  18. scarletpride223

    i’ve played it SO …
    i’ve played it SO many times, too!

  19. svemir

    Tell me which song …
    Tell me which song can I use in German lessons to sound like this?

  20. MatildaFerrari

    This is ADORABLE!!! …
    This is ADORABLE!!!

  21. ladivina20f8


  22. bran8vas

    chicken skin =]
    chicken skin =]

  23. jockmctavish2

    These kids inspired …
    These kids inspired me so much, we are now singing it in our school choir. It sounds fab! Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. isgo17

    you guys should …
    you guys should record this !. I’ve played it so many times I wish I could in my car as well :).

  25. ballybally1

    They got some of …
    They got some of the words wrong like sweep alone, is meant to be sleep alone, and the last words of the last 2 chrous’ are meant to be saint peter wont call my name. Other than that 5/5

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