1. zimaenginz

    wow! absolutily …
    wow! absolutily amazing! 5/5

  2. Dolfanrich13

    Wow…This brings a …
    Wow…This brings a tear to my eye. Incredible playing.!! I love Kurt Cobain but your verse is amazing. Good work

  3. Orewanandayo

    This is great, I …
    This is great, I know this song “the real way”. But it sure is awesome acoustic too! Great playing! xD

  4. fuzenx


  5. meiliswein

    you’re good man
    i …

    you’re good man
    i play this song too whit 2 friends
    but you play realy realy good

  6. misieq132

    You’re the best!
    You’re the best!

  7. samuntouchable

    thats really cool …
    thats really cool man, ur other vids are real cool too!

  8. jakeoteri

    dude this is really …
    dude this is really good, youre a pro

  9. stregattostregato


  10. Nirmanu92


  11. fah00dy

    love it!! love it!! …
    love it!! love it!! love it!! ( 5 stars)

  12. emillespaul

    ohh i love it man! …
    ohh i love it man! can you please post your tab of this? want to learn it that way!

  13. john25992

    that is really good …
    that is really good! :)

  14. nrb3987

    that was pretty …
    that was pretty cool, not godlike, but better than cobain could have done. not saying he sucked for all you nirvana fanatics, but he wasnt the greatest. in my own opinion dave grohl his old drummer is a better guitarist and song writer… but none the less that was pretty cool

  15. KurdtCobain4Ever

    GODLIKE !!!
    GODLIKE !!!

  16. dejejs

    You’re go(o)d! I …
    You’re go(o)d! I like it!!

  17. somefuckstolemynick

    OH SNAP …

    serously, where the f*ck did that come from? :)

  18. jEsTeRnOjUtSu

    wow, i didn’t mean …
    wow, i didn’t mean that, dumbass, i meant the actual construction. the sound hole is smaller than an average dreadnought, if it is a dreadnought, and the shape of the guitar is more like a jumbo than anything.

  19. bemdav

    It has cut …
    It has cut something from it so u can play easier on higher frets

  20. jEsTeRnOjUtSu

    what kind of guitar …
    what kind of guitar is that? i’ve never seen any acoustic built that way

  21. punkdverdade

    heyyyy dude …
    heyyyy dude AWESOOOOOME teach me pleaseeee !!! xDDD pretty cool

  22. Spaiidiirlion

    Dude, if You can, …
    Dude, if You can, make and past a chords to the discryption, please.

  23. Plutoloco4

    yeah as smooth as …
    yeah as smooth as my dick when it slides in your .

  24. leftsides

    holy crap thats …
    holy crap thats amazing

  25. ZMaine

    ^ This
    ^ This

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