1. Sundrumify

    Hi there,
    am just …

    Hi there,
    am just listening to all the other, wonderful, interpretations, of Igor.
    I build of fire for all of us.

  2. ZodiacTeacher

    Wow! This guy would …
    Wow! This guy would be so awesome in a good coffee shop jam session or at a camp fire jam. I do that a lot. I do alot of Pink Floyd, Eagles, Beatles, Neil Young and just about everybody knows the words and sings along. If you play like this guy plays you are a god at a camp fire…LOL….Thanks for sharing this video with me “Sundrumify”

  3. Sundrumify

    Absolutely …
    Absolutely brilliant, dear Igor.
    Thank you so much for sharing and welcome in my network of friends.
    Good Night!



  5. johnniejw


  6. bravotwozero007

    as with all of your …
    as with all of your vids, brilliant!! your clearly a man who loves playing and is very talented

  7. Axl75Andre

    just impressive as …
    just impressive as usual ;-)

  8. cjn3576

    fuckin awesome
    in awesome

  9. Roselyne18

    Good afternoon dear …
    Good afternoon dear Igor, beautifully interpreted, this beautiful song “The Joker”, thank you for this wonderful performance!
    With all my sincere friendship, Rosy.

  10. gyanissimo

    ….brilliant …
    ….brilliant version…..thanks

  11. icebluehorizon

    Another great …
    Another great version.

  12. grimreaper1466

    i dont know if u …
    i dont know if u take requests, but i think Fade to Black from Metallica would sound really great with your skills.
    keep doing your magic ;)

  13. CodyCEngdahl

    Igor, more than …
    Igor, more than your amazing talent, I love seeing the joy you have in playing your music. Rock on brother!

  14. donPabloArturo

    Good Afternoon Igor …
    Good Afternoon Igor
    Great performance. You are the tytan of work.

  15. kurt99990

    awsome how long …
    awsome how long have u been playing for

  16. harleydavidonryder


  17. TheMusicman921

    i agree with …
    i agree with LocoPCtheoneandonly
    you should DEFINITLY! let your large numbrs of fans ginve you song requests!

    5 stars again!

    i will see on your next video!

  18. soulmony

    starts simple and …
    starts simple and with a single melody then that melody gets up on an Increscendo ride becoming fuller, more & more complex & rich, ending as an avalanche of colors falling upon you…

  19. HerrFord


  20. dorotwhy

    5* arrangement and …
    5* arrangement and performance !!!

  21. turkamine

    great pickin and …
    great pickin and singin too. Unreal

  22. LocoPCtheoneandonly

    Amazes me how fast …
    Amazes me how fast you are uploading new songs… should consider takin’ requests from fans

    I would ask for Old Danny boy

    Take care

  23. richekalen

    Always amaze me !
    Always amaze me !

  24. josh4380

    Man! great …
    Man! great interpretation!! And the expressions on your face really make the music all the better, looks like your having fun….


  25. RemcoMusic


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