1. 5mendez12

    there should be …
    there should be guitar hero: IGOR PRESNYAKOV….. XD

  2. TheRagingCheese

    @Fonsiiw It’s an …
    @Fonsiiw It’s an original song, not a cover.

  3. Fonsiiw

    haha kung fu panda …
    haha kung fu panda outfit xD nice cover

  4. RKrofta

    love it!
    love it!

  5. DrPeich

    Great !!! we love U …
    Great !!! we love U !!

  6. Mithrin126

    Groooovy! Love it!
    Groooovy! Love it!

  7. grzegorzszamocki

    Nice hat :D. And …
    Nice hat :D. And great piece of art :D.

  8. CarlPetaflop

    I’m hooked on your …
    I’m hooked on your videos! He just looks like a musical genius!

  9. lantyboy

    I need one of them …
    I need one of them hats!!

  10. danaeroxan

    Igor, you are the …
    Igor, you are the best!! I love your work!!!!

  11. diazconias

    I luv your hat so …
    I luv your hat so hard… :D

  12. neveruse513

    who else are you …
    who else are you guys watching on youtube?

    other than Iggy, my list is:
    Jacques Stotzem
    Sungha Jung
    Ulli Boegershausen‬‎
    pretty much anything on the rpoland channel

  13. musxlvr2

    some of this almost …
    some of this almost has a slack key sound to it…

  14. ftpmate

    you are phenomenal.
    you are phenomenal.

  15. TheTonlee


  16. jorgeaveell

    could you play “a …
    could you play “a whiter shade of pale”, please?

  17. CWxMILLERx

    love the hat
    love the hat

  18. mitzle1999

    First he lost his …
    First he lost his hair, then his moustache – but he sure didn’t lose his performance and talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. JustMattyEst89

    wheres the …
    wheres the moustache!!!!!!!!! :D

  20. teenkarim

    TipTopppahhh xD …
    TipTopppahhh xD Hahahahahaha You’re the man !!!! Can’t wait for more originals =D

  21. Bloods550

    Igor your the best, …
    Igor your the best, everyone go to igorpresnyakov.blogspot.com and buy his album Chunky Strings its awesome.

  22. pabloli84

    Awesome! It sounds …
    Awesome! It sounds so soft and light – I like such kind of music! Thank you very much!

  23. VuTang01

    thank god at first …
    thank god at first i thought he was doing a kesha tik tok cover.

  24. 0DukDuk0

    this hat is awesome!
    this hat is awesome!

  25. gread94

    should send this to …
    should send this to cobus and have him make a drum part to it

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