Trace Bundy playing Backstreet Boys on Acoustic Guitar

Trace Bundy playing “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys on acoustic guitar. Funny how the crowd starts singing along.

From his CD/DVD “Adapt”.
More videos at his website: www.TraceBundy.comArray

Duration : 0:2:33

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25 thoughts on “Trace Bundy playing Backstreet Boys on Acoustic Guitar

  1. fuck u ur ing …
    u ur ing ur u and ur ing country guitar can go and your selfs in now that’ a √≠ng country guitar and that’s why your so ed by the gay guy who foold u to buy a country guitar when u wanted a ing acoustic guitar.

  2. but he is right, …
    but he is right, any guitar that uses acoustics to create sound instead of manipulating magnetic feilds (like in an electric guitar) can be considered acoutstic even if it is a mix of the 2

  3. It’s still an …
    It’s still an acoustic. Well, technically all guitars with a soundhole can be considered acoustic.

  4. Great playing. I …
    Great playing. I wonder how he keeps from ripping up his fingernails on his right hand.

  5. song is ruined if …
    song is ruined if you heard weird al…haha
    i was like “bought it on ebayy”

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