Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung playing Canon on Acoustic Guitar

Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung playing Pachelbel’s Canon together during Trace’s Korea tour. Filmed October 5th, 2008.

Song arranged by Trace Bundy

Posted using Trace’s and Sungha’s permission.

Duration : 0:3:42

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25 thoughts on “Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung playing Canon on Acoustic Guitar

  1. Coudn’t agree more. …
    Coudn’t agree more….I mean…..Trace Bundy doesn’t just play a concert with just anyone…..

  2. “Sungha Jung will …
    “Sungha Jung will be very famous he is talent!! ” Why is everyone saying “will be” or “someday” or “soon”?

    Hahahah, my friends, strangers, everyone:

    HE ALREADY is famous ;)!

  3. sungha looks at …
    sungha looks at trace like: ‘come on old guy’…. but they’re having fun ^^ just great

  4. cool, it`s great …
    cool, it`s great that a child as sungha plays the guitar as professional. Congratulations

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