acoustic guitar

Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung playing Canon on Acoustic Guitar

Trace Bundy & Sungha Jung playing Pachelbel’s Canon together during Trace’s Korea tour. Filmed October 5th, 2008.

Song arranged by Trace Bundy

Posted using Trace’s and Sungha’s permission.

Duration : 0:3:42

[youtube CJnv3jSBISE]


  1. littlewonder366

    … wow :o
    … wow :o

  2. polkops

    this kid is a robot …
    this kid is a robot made by toyota

  3. jniotr

    Forbidden love – _ …
    Forbidden love – _BADXXXCHICKS._COM_

  4. LUKEWilson3327

    Babe having Fun …
    Babe having Fun with Toy – __UXPORNTUBE{.}COM__

  5. tubofjoy

    Coudn’t agree more. …
    Coudn’t agree more….I mean…..Trace Bundy doesn’t just play a concert with just anyone…..

  6. RHCPlover62

    lol this is like a …
    lol this is like a child prodogie its no doubt he came from korea

  7. foxyboy2122

    “Sungha Jung will …
    “Sungha Jung will be very famous he is talent!! ” Why is everyone saying “will be” or “someday” or “soon”?

    Hahahah, my friends, strangers, everyone:

    HE ALREADY is famous ;)!

  8. AthinaAthinaAthina

    i square with

    i square with

    Sungha Jung will be very famous he is talent!!

  9. Wahrkuz

    sungha looks at …
    sungha looks at trace like: ‘come on old guy’…. but they’re having fun ^^ just great

  10. robin0oo

    OMG, he’s the most …
    OMG, he’s the most talented kid playn’ guitar I’ve ever seen :O

  11. javisj2000


  12. benh100

    dont know why they …
    dont know why they didnt arrange a harmony together, would hav been way better

  13. nicknicolehonda

    he is just realy …
    he is just realy good

  14. 65carneiro

    meu Deus toca de …
    meu Deus toca de maisssssssssssssss

  15. starinthedark69

    my god…
    my god…

  16. hirirsi

    being his age and …
    being his age and able to keep up with a guy like trace is really something else

  17. orientalrocker


  18. VasquezDAR

    cool, it`s great …
    cool, it`s great that a child as sungha plays the guitar as professional. Congratulations

  19. zapikachu

    Trace Bundy has …
    Trace Bundy has found his long lost son.

  20. syaoranpies

    sungha was born to …
    sungha was born to play the guitar

  21. antheman47

    yoo is this kid …
    yoo is this kid been on oprah, if not call that b#@$ up man.

  22. jscz251292


  23. EvilDomo


    And also with …

    And also with John Butler. :3

  24. dtpark1213

    I want Sungha Jung …
    I want Sungha Jung to play with Justin King.

  25. xxbrunixx11

    Very good =P i like …
    Very good =P i like is cool u 2

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