1. AcousticMan22

    it so hard dude it …
    it so hard dude it took me 2 weeks to get it perfect ha yeah but similar to milking a cat haha

  2. ObakeGodOfShrink

    simply amazing
    simply amazing

  3. jamasianjimmy

    ah i love listening …
    ah i love listening to great musicianship.

  4. jabbben

    lol he’s playing …
    lol he’s playing outside the fretboard!!!
    this guy’s amazing!!!

  5. beepyou105

    haha he plays …
    haha he plays better with his left hand than i do with two hands

  6. oriolesbaseball123

    sounds like it …
    sounds like it belongs in an intro to a movie

  7. 1shortfilmfan

    Sorry, it doesn’t …
    Sorry, it doesn’t sound eastern to me. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t sound good.
    Amazingly epic technique you use.

  8. hkcuto


  9. Seanthom93

    a great piece! i …
    a great piece! i actually used this video as an experimental cornerstone for a new technique to try. i now use that technique and it really opened up my perspective on the acoustic guitar! thank you trace bundy! (by the way: if anyone is reading this right now, i’d like to ask you to please check out my videos on my channel. If you like them, great, and if not, oh well. just give them a chance please. thanks! -Seanthom93

  10. Zantex3000

    I think that the …
    I think that the movement he does when he “pinches” the strings for the harmonics, is similar to the motion you would make when milking a cat.

    I haven’t done it, so I wouldn’t know.

    The string pinching that is.

  11. BuddieLuvReis

    Well said! This is …
    Well said! This is an incredible piece and deserves nothing but praise! Keep on going Ninjas! Will definately add your album to my xmas list.

  12. foxyboy2122

    The Acoustic Ninja, …
    The Acoustic Ninja, Dueling the two ninjas away! (lets have comments ABOUT the video)

  13. theMattso

    Lol; not your fault …
    Lol; not your fault. I was hot headed from other . My bad, dude.
    I know YouTube isn’t always up to par with comments, but at the time I didn’t realize it and was just ed.
    Anger Management though, no. Everyone does stuff like this…
    Again, my bad.

  14. theMattso


  15. metalheadforlive16

    wow man i think u …
    wow man i think u need to chill out i didnt no other ppl told u if your going to get this angry over nothing u have problems and need to go to a anger management meeting

  16. ava2442

    your one of the 9 …
    your one of the 9 out 10 right?

  17. theMattso

    “actually…” …
    “actually…” off. Obviously the guy before you already told me. And I understood. And felt no need to reply, but because someone told me AGAIN I had to reply. God I hate people. It seems like 9 out of every 10 humans are ing retarded.

  18. theMattso


  19. metalheadforlive16

    actually its 2 …
    actually its 2 fingers his thumb hits the string after this pointer finger

  20. BuddieLuvReis

    The howling wind at …
    The howling wind at the start really adds to the piece – as for the rest -amazing guitar playng, oustanding!

  21. MatesFenixDelta

    he is my hero
    he is my hero

  22. SaxoAppeal

    lol this is like… …
    lol this is like… Acoustic Dragonforce but Better!

  23. javisj2000

    he has robotic …
    he has robotic fingers

  24. ShatOnATurtle10

    stroke with the …
    stroke with the thumb and the forefinger is on tthe string to mute it

  25. Ordian7

    Uhh… dude… …
    Uhh… dude… where do you get your stuff? lol.

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