1. JokerFuckAss85




    Sungha, you are the …
    Sungha, you are the most popular and the cutest guitarist as long as I know.

  3. Virgiliasama

    I bet …

    I bet they were blinded by his awesomeness and they missed the like button.

  4. anakin1814

    Stunning work! WOW!
    Stunning work! WOW!

  5. worthless42

    here’s that trick. …
    here’s that trick. click to fromvideotomp3..com to download this song from youtube.

  6. smithmiesterman

    great guitar/i can …
    great guitar/i can only just manage that and ive been playing 32 years, very talented you are!!!!

  7. ericskills06

    wow thats amazing, …
    wow thats amazing, sungha is the best, i really like this cover AND ALL OF HIS thats why i tried to play it for myself :P go check out my channel i PLAY a cover of CALIFORNIA DREAMING AND OTHER SONGS AND I HAVE THE TABS THAT SUNGHA USED WICH MICHAEL CHAPDELAINE WROTE HIMSELF

  8. vegeciorek

    I’ve never hear …
    I’ve never hear something like that, it’s just fu**ing perfect ! ! ! !

  9. PaperPlaneProjectz

    @c1k4ml3kc3 they …
    @c1k4ml3kc3 they dont like other people’s success >.>

  10. FastTmuscle

    It’s just amazing!

    It’s just amazing!

  11. c1k4ml3kc3

    There’re 440 people …
    There’re 440 people who disliked this? Why? That’s plain ridiculous.

  12. Trojanushi

    thats the japanease …
    thats the japanease son of igor presnyakov

  13. lamandinho

    WOW is the only …
    WOW is the only thing that I can say +_+

  14. shenght007

    C’est incroyable !!!
    C’est incroyable !!!

  15. joseziito85

    Este crio es genial!
    Este crio es genial!

  16. gerogero2006

    Bravo! Awesome! See …
    Bravo! Awesome! See what these guys of South America (BRZIL, ARGENT & PRGUAY) are doing with music. Video names are:
    – Voninho e Marcelo
    – Tio Mederico- Dvd Os Serranos 40 anos- Sempre Gaúchos

  17. tamas1027

    Wonderful!!! …
    Wonderful!!! Amezing! Nice! Very Very Nice! This is f…ing good!!!!!!!!! Super!!!!! Gratulation!

  18. m3ngnificient

    kid’s got fourteen …
    kid’s got fourteen fingers…or maybe more…INCREDIBLE!!!!

  19. longilinius

    E’ semplicemente …
    E’ semplicemente fantastico. E’ ridicolo e bruttissimo da dire ma, Dio quanto lo invidio!

  20. TheLongtime09


  21. leonardpoppunkmetal

    The Edge would be …
    The Edge would be jealous

  22. MrLuka28

    I have a guitar but …
    I have a guitar but I really suck and I have no one too teach me sou I learn on my on

  23. MrLuka28

    man he can play
    man he can play

  24. MrLuka28

    id love too play …
    id love too play like he does

  25. liferob

    the fck!!!!! that …
    the fck!!!!! that was freaking amazing!!!! you rock kid , never ever stop playing guitar.. u play it beautifully

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