1. angelazni96

    ngeh ur good,
    i am …

    ngeh ur good,
    i am so jealous,,
    i want ur ability to play those gorgeous guitar

  2. 3x3rubiks

    can you share the …
    can you share the tabs if there is? if its okey?
    anyway….. you are amazing..

  3. tomerg27i

    I like your playing …
    I like your playing and I like your guitar

  4. xXdrummerdude529Xx

    I second that =)
    I second that =)

  5. eusuntalbert

    keep goin’ !
    very …

    keep goin’ !
    very nice cover!

  6. Rotary5ive

    awesome adrian… …
    awesome adrian…you trumped my cover for sure! I bow to you.

  7. adrianholovaty

    Thanks, …
    Thanks, theroadkilled. Yes, it’s a Threadless shirt.

  8. theroadkilled

    awesome! is that a …
    awesome! is that a threadless shirt? double awesome!

  9. Neptune4000

    I really like your …
    I really like your covers. They sound so relaxing. You really are a true inspiration

  10. Gamrahhh

    Love your …
    Love your arrangements!
    and the new guitar

  11. LonelyWaters

    Very nice playing! …
    Very nice playing! Great!
    Best wishes, Frank

  12. PasadenaGuy

    All I can say is, ” …
    All I can say is, “WOW!!” That’s amazing. I’m a huge Billy Joel fan and you definitely did this song justice. You do some awesome arrangements of pop/rock songs. That guitar looks and sounds really cool; I’ve never seen a two-toned fretboard before. Here’s to many great songs with that guitar. :)

  13. fishermanbook

    Great job. You post …
    Great job. You post or sell any tabs of your arrangements? I’d pay for them.

  14. w8n2retire

    You’ve got it man, …
    You’ve got it man, you’ve got it!

  15. masterlion92

    I’m …

    I’m speechless

  16. drawerjam

    new guitar has …
    new guitar has richer volume and longer sustain. You are very dedicated and must be proud of your god given talent.Thanks for sharing!

  17. TomHendricksMusea

    Well done! A superb …
    Well done! A superb version!

  18. StefaneMusic

    Very good !

    Very good !

  19. krshively

    I love it! great …
    I love it! great job!

  20. AlaneCristina1

    cara casa comigo *- …
    cara casa comigo *—*

  21. teeron11

    you really are so …
    you really are so good

  22. astrocelestial

    Lovely arrangement …
    Lovely arrangement Adrian, very well played, as always ! The new guitar sounds great, very strange hybrid but hey if it works. Is it a zero nut and is it strung like a gypsy guitar (floating bridge)? Keep up the goo work and thanks!


    that was awesome.. …
    that was awesome..it really really was. you did a greatt job. God bless you. keep it up. you are so veryy talented.

  24. TwoHarps

    Nice guitar and …
    Nice guitar and playing.

  25. highlandrose43

    Lovely…as usual.
    Lovely…as usual.

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