Don’t let him sit …
    Don’t let him sit in he plays scales!! ha ha !

  2. olflatop

    @hoglundmatt First …
    @hoglundmatt First off, playing with a pick isn’t “wrong”. It’s a matter of style. As for it being “too simple”, it doesn’t have to be complex to be good. Being able to simplify something is the sign of a true master.

  3. coolsweetgroovy

    @MilesOfBass I …
    @MilesOfBass I don’t think so

  4. MilesOfBass

    @coolsweetgroovy …
    @coolsweetgroovy Cause she tries to steal James’ credits.

  5. 1000huzzahs

    carol kaye is my …
    carol kaye is my bass hero

  6. coolsweetgroovy

    @Ryonik Thank you
    @Ryonik Thank you


    practice chords …
    practice chords right on!

  8. ScottMasson

    THIS CHICK IS HIP AS FUCK! Not to mention, she can play the out of the bass.

  9. FCAFlyer

    @hoglundmatt – …
    @hoglundmatt – please check and see if your kindergarten teacher has a Kleenex for your nose.

  10. MrTelemeister

    You should read …
    You should read Mitch Mitchel’s book on his years as drummer for Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix and Mitchel once jammed with Carol Kaye. Mitchel describes the experience of playing with Ms Kaye as “frightening”. Yes, she was/is THAT good!

  11. proferic

    I took bass lessons …
    I took bass lessons from her when I lived in Santa Clarita. Great teacher.

  12. coolsweetgroovy

    Why is she not in …
    Why is she not in The Rock N Roll Hall of fame?

  13. dethbymagix51

    Wow. That was a …
    Wow. That was a sweet bassline. Way to give us pickers some backup.

  14. 14luisalonso

    someone has to be …
    someone has to be the mother of all you losers… meet mom.. now go to your room and practice

  15. coolsweetgroovy

    Why is she not in …
    Why is she not in The R and R Hall of fame?

  16. Marybass09


  17. coolsweetgroovy

    Most underated …
    Most underated muscian in Rock N roll

  18. MushroomDisorder

    meh…i don’t like …
    meh…i don’t like her and her playing,not to mention she is playing with a pick… :|

  19. arsnel366

    is she wearing a …
    is she wearing a matrix shirt?

  20. tornmask

    Carol Kaye is the …
    Carol Kaye is the BEST in Bass Guitar teachings! =o]

  21. Kamisamadesu1

    Thank God for Carol …
    Thank God for Carol Kaye…the ultimate Electric Bass Player. She has a great website. Who hasnt’ she played for and with? She answers any and all questions…and usually in minutes. Carol Kaye doesn’t just play the electric bass, she IS the electric bass! A great player…and a kind, considerate teacher and person. Thanks for the music.

  22. DivineWindOfTheSnow

    God, I would love …
    God, I would love to be like this woman. Her playing is melodic.

  23. totallyfrozen

    @dowsemeister LOL! …
    @dowsemeister LOL! I know the feeling. Being able to copy many styles is useful as you’re very versitile. In fairness, those greats (Jamerson, Kaye, Babbit, Clark, etc.) were “inventing” things when Rock was young and there was alot of uncharted territory. I think it’s MUCH harder to be innovative and fresh now because someone will almost always be able to point to someone earlier and say “they did that already”. At least bass is being more understood and appreciated now. Stay low

  24. dowsemeister

    @totallyfrozen Hey …
    @totallyfrozen Hey thanks for the discussion. You’ve made me reflect on my own bass playing career. I was a good copier of styles which was good in the studio but never innovative. My wife says I’m probably jealous because Carol Kaye became famous and I didn’t. LOL

  25. totallyfrozen

    @dowsemeister Well, …
    @dowsemeister Well, yeah, you seem to have nailed it. Kaye was reliable and skilled and that’s what studios wanted. Jamerson had a sound that was extremely groovy and fit perfectly with the Soul scene. Personally, I think its unfortunately that alcohol got the best of him and he faded out. As far as Kaye claiming to have been the player on some Jamerson tunes, I hadn’t heard that. I’ll look into that seems like she wouldn’t need to lie about it. She has enough hit credits. If true, that’s low.

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