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How to Play the Bass Guitar : How to Play Bar Chords on Bass Guitar

Play bar chords on an electric bass guitar; learn how with tips from our professional bass guitar instructor in this free music lesson video.

Expert: Carl Shepard
Bio: Carl Shepard is a professional bass instructor working at Keller Music in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Filmmaker: Jason Sager

Duration : 0:1:43

[youtube BtIbr3oUj1U]


  1. MrWest13Block

  2. unclechristy

    i’m so …
    i’m so tempted to start playing bass!!!!

  3. tubamanKevinU8

    hey guys, do you …
    hey guys, do you think you all could watch my bass vids and drop some comments on em? id appreciate hearing your thoughts. ill be posting some more vids, so you can subscribe if you want. ill return the favor. thanks!

  4. pilphh

    @CpAllCena …
    @CpAllCena yeah he sucks

  5. realjuvelive

    What is the bar …
    What is the bar chord ?

  6. MrWtfjusthappened

    those who say bass …
    those who say bass is easy have truly never got good at it. guitar is harder to start with. bass is a lot harder to get really good at

  7. ericwink123

    ur video sucks… …
    ur video sucks… you cant even see the bass guitar while ur playing

  8. 06wilsont

    learn how to play …
    learn how to play chords: lesson 1.
    dont play chords play individual notes. cheers expert..

  9. joelaka3pac123

    @ …
    @AvatarOfChuckNorris listen to type o negative
    Peter steele who is also an amazing singer is metal’s best bassist
    early and mid 90s rock and metal alternative and grunge stuff frocus alot on good bass lines they usually strum it or pluck with a pick which i think a bass sound amazing strummed like a guitar

  10. iorost

    dude i am teaching …
    dude i am teaching myself to play guitar, my bro picked up bass and i wonder why he hasnt progressed as fast as me…until i tried to play anything on his bass. bass is hard

  11. AvatarOfChuckNorris

    the reason many ppl …
    the reason many ppl have stereotyped bass with being a crap instrument is cos they only listen to rock and metal where you can hear nothin but guitar and drums… i happen to listen to that, but i like to listen to a nice bit o country and jazz and thats where the bass picks up and makes it o so sweet to listen to ;)

  12. CpAllCena

    u suck
    u suck

  13. mermadons1987

    @alexlocurto i …
    @alexlocurto i agree.. most bands just have the worst guitarist on bass and they just play roots bar after bar.. makes me sick to watch.. they dont take the time to understand the instrument or learn to play it to its full potential.. its not easy at all if you take the time to play it properly.. its hard work but the rewards are amazing.. peace

  14. alexlocurto

    I think people view …
    I think people view bass as easy because of lots of talentless pop & alternative band’s bass players completley suck, and because everybody hears the guitar more, I dont think anybody who had just heard My Generation or Thunder (by SMV) would say ‘Oh It’s just bass, guitar is better’ I think its because a bunch of gay pop bands have the worst excuses for bassists on the planet. To anybody who thinks “Its just bass”, listen to Burn by Mr. Big

  15. METALLMAN1000

    i love you carl …
    i love you carl thank you man if you ever need a blow job you know were to get one

  16. pinkpop91764

    i get it now :D !!!
    i get it now :D !!!

  17. jilocas

    @Pfreire28 practice …
    @Pfreire28 practice makes perfect :D

  18. journeyquest1

    that last chord …
    that last chord looked like a stretch.

  19. zapphireee

    @HeirOfIchimaru I …
    @HeirOfIchimaru I really agree with you there!

  20. fightingirishaholic

    ….it says how to …
    ….it says how to play bar chords, but i was exspecting more of how to actually play bar chords like at the end of “the wicker man” the whole last part is bar chords….oh well i still learned something in the end

  21. perdedor3571

    f5 to skip adds
    f5 to skip adds

  22. Autobot71Ironhide


  23. Talentlaust

    Me neither. I’m …
    Me neither. I’m better at listening than playing. :/ Well. Music <3

  24. Pfreire28

    Not a very good …
    Not a very good bassist here… But its all good as long as you love music…. Power To The Music!

  25. gcbassist

    it doesn’t mean …
    it doesn’t mean your bad, but it can be useful to playing different styles, i can play using them but i do it for fun
    check out my videos to see

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