bass guitar

Taxman – The Beatles (Bass guitar)

Me playin’ the bass guitar part of “Taxman”
from album; Revolver / THE BEATLES (1966).

Equipments for this video;
Fender Jazz Bass 1976 original condition,
with Pedals; Limiter, Overdrive and EQ
Also I use the original effect rack systems.

Duration : 0:2:49

[youtube gGHRrHMxORY]


  1. unmillonpaunpancito

    good job my friend. …
    good job my friend…

  2. DannyEJW

    bass sounds gorgeous
    bass sounds gorgeous

  3. onbass88

    Nice nice nice bass …
    Nice nice nice bass!, you can surely play to, my compliments.
    That bass must motivate you greatly.

  4. MaryLS

    awesome bass line. …
    awesome bass line. by the way, Paul played the solo guitar on this song too.
    definately one of the most tallented men this world has seen. =)

  5. Lestratosphere

    This is one of the …
    This is one of the best bass performances on YT. Like the old saying goes, PUT UP or SHUT UP.
    *jealous is no way to go through life.

  6. moravianmusic

    Very nice tone!
    Very nice tone!

  7. SimonAdalati

    chuck norris jokes …
    chuck norris jokes telling people have small penises. seriously, why would anyone glorify manhood that much it it ewrent for that.

  8. llama2125

    Beautiful bass!!
    Beautiful bass!!

  9. Squidenbacker

    man, do you switch …
    man, do you switch strings for every different song that you play on bass? and if not what kind of strings do you use??

  10. dizzymisslizzylane

    makes me want to …
    makes me want to learn that! you’re brilliant!

  11. zolicserno


  12. gallowspole

    chuck norris is so …
    chuck norris is so old, he can’t get an erection without pharmaceutical assistance.

  13. upsyndrome13

    chuck norris’s …
    chuck norris’s tears can cure cancer.. too bad chuck doesnt cry..

  14. spepper

    shut up, that “busy …
    shut up, that “busy” playing made it great?

    Bet you don’t play not even a record

  15. bassio2000


  16. dboom92

    Hey Kissnshout, …
    Hey Kissnshout, He’s playing the bass part note for note. Obviously you’ve never heard Paul McCartney play.

  17. KissnShout

    very nice playing, …
    very nice playing, however your playing way too busy during song, sometimes less is more man. It’s much easier than your trying to play it.

  18. sectsmonk

    Its good to see a …
    Its good to see a beautiful bass like that in the hands of someone who can ue it properly. Well played!

  19. davidwaters69

    At taxtime chuck …
    At taxtime chuck norris just sends in a blank form with a picture of himself crouched and ready to atack

  20. politico222

    buen sonido!!
    buen sonido!!

  21. JazzSpirit

    beautiful bass …
    beautiful bass sound, but its quite ropey thru out!! maybe u just werent on it, but if you was it would be super-dooper, you’re gonna slag we off now, but im not lying!

  22. TheJaywalkers

    good eyes
    good eyes

  23. costconerd

    Damn you are …
    you are ridiculously good. You make it look so easy.

  24. thinkfloyd1973

    sweet bass solo at …
    sweet bass solo at the beginning

  25. mianno58

    good cover
    good cover

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