Taxman – The Beatles (Bass guitar)

Me playin’ the bass guitar part of “Taxman”
from album; Revolver / THE BEATLES (1966).

Equipments for this video;
Fender Jazz Bass 1976 original condition,
with Pedals; Limiter, Overdrive and EQ
Also I use the original effect rack systems.

Duration : 0:2:49

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25 thoughts on “Taxman – The Beatles (Bass guitar)

  1. awesome bass line. …
    awesome bass line. by the way, Paul played the solo guitar on this song too.
    definately one of the most tallented men this world has seen. =)

  2. This is one of the …
    This is one of the best bass performances on YT. Like the old saying goes, PUT UP or SHUT UP.
    *jealous is no way to go through life.

  3. chuck norris jokes …
    chuck norris jokes telling people have small penises. seriously, why would anyone glorify manhood that much it it ewrent for that.

  4. man, do you switch …
    man, do you switch strings for every different song that you play on bass? and if not what kind of strings do you use??

  5. Hey Kissnshout, …
    Hey Kissnshout, He’s playing the bass part note for note. Obviously you’ve never heard Paul McCartney play.

  6. very nice playing, …
    very nice playing, however your playing way too busy during song, sometimes less is more man. It’s much easier than your trying to play it.

  7. Its good to see a …
    Its good to see a beautiful bass like that in the hands of someone who can ue it properly. Well played!

  8. At taxtime chuck …
    At taxtime chuck norris just sends in a blank form with a picture of himself crouched and ready to atack

  9. beautiful bass …
    beautiful bass sound, but its quite ropey thru out!! maybe u just werent on it, but if you was it would be super-dooper, you’re gonna slag we off now, but im not lying!

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