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The War of the Worlds on Bass Guitar Part 2 (Horsell Common and the Heat Ray)

Probably the most famous bass line from Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds. I used a plectrum throughout. varying the picking force and bridge muting where required. One of the most important things about this bassline is when playing the main bass rif your pickin hand Must keep clicking away on the E string muting with your left hand when your not actually paying a note. This provides the suspence and tension and really sets the tone… try it without and just pick the notes and youll see what i mean (ive upped the level on my bass on this track so you can hear it better- though it did screw up the mix a bit) Quick note just before this track starts you have a martian heart beat this is done on the bass muting the A and E strings at the 3rd fret and using index finger on right hand to do the plucking first time this is done, its done in 6 x groups of 2 i.e AE – AE – AE – AE – AE – AE_________AE – AE – AE – AE – AE – AE . and on the second half of the ablum its 3 x groups of 2 AE – AE – AE________AE – AE – AE. couldnt do this it made the video to long THANKS FOR WATCHING

Duration : 0:10:44

[youtube dRI3sX-4s6Q]

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  1. Demonbassplayer101

    You’re good man. By …
    You’re good man. By the way, I too know how to play the bass line to this song. I’d play it every day because thats how much I love it. Again, you rule man. Great post.

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