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We Magnify Your Name / I Love You Lord – Lecresia Campbell & By Faith Singers

Lecresia Campbell Live At Wembley Arena September 2006


Keys: Clive Shepherd
Organ: Anton Caldwell
Drums: Darryn Shepherd
Bass Guitar: Alec Gage
Electric Guitar: Desron Baptiste

Duration : 0:8:59

[youtube NQ7TBIPmEi8]


  1. revmdb

    I couldn’t have …
    I couldn’t have been a backup singer for Lecresia. I almost passed smooth out watching it on youtube! They would fire me after I cleared the whole row of backup singers on this song. Beautiful, simply anointed and beautiful!

  2. chocolateprincess786

    i think i got …
    i think i got delivered off 4:42 – 4:46. that was just nasty ! love it !

  3. jayruff5444

    I love this. All …
    I love this. All Glory to God

  4. draeandj

    Hey I doubt this CD …
    Hey I doubt this CD/DVD will be released unfortunately.

  5. serpertinefire

    This sister the …
    This sister the BUSINESS!!!!

  6. lovelynessa413

    My tears just …
    My tears just rolled down effortless…i dont remember the last time i cried cuz i was touched by a song…

  7. jdarkangel11

    thaaaaaaaaaat was …
    thaaaaaaaaaat was it right there. nice.

  8. gregs4trina

    I’m so happy she …
    I’m so happy she did not waste her gift. She is a blessing a gift from heaven.

  9. roddy241985

    WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!! …
    WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!! SOMEONE PLZ COME PICK ME UP OFF THIS FLO!!! ^_^ IT IS OVA! My Goodness what awesome control and range Ma’am! Beastly

  10. Midniteluv77

    She has had …
    She has had classical training.

  11. YvetteHardin

    OH MY GOSH!…this …
    OH MY GOSH!…this is sooo effortless!..especially when it looks like she’s skipping and singing…man she is an awesome soprano. so anointed

  12. Justcallmedaughter

    OH MY GAWD!!!! OOPS …

  13. lynnpwilliams

    WHAT! WOW! SING Lecresia!

  14. 1QT2L84U

    cant find the cd …
    cant find the cd anywhere except for ebay for $39

  15. imsaved2

    thanks i know this …
    thanks i know this song is not new but it still has that ability to usher you in His presence.

  16. msverchele

    look on gosoel …
    look on gosoel today website, i beliebe you can get the cd information from there, i apologize for the mishap

  17. msverchele

    hey i apologize its …
    hey i apologize its has to be vol 1

  18. msverchele

    i knew i would find …
    i knew i would find for you! its on “gospel today presents: praise worship 02″

  19. msverchele

    its on the teresa …
    its on the teresa hariston featuring certain artsit i believe “gospel today” she bad, and her voice is so awesome but when i get the name i will get back to you asap

  20. imsaved2

    Can anyone tell me …
    Can anyone tell me on which cd can i find this song. Thanks!!!

  21. 1QT2L84U

    OMG!!! What is she …
    OMG!!! What is she doing with her voice….such an blessing….I can listen to 3:30-4:50 all day Long!!! I heard this song on the radio the other day and I never knew it was this old. What a wonderful voice.

  22. PsalmSelah

    that was angelic
    that was angelic

  23. PsalmSelah

    I believe I just …
    I believe I just shouted the whole song. I’m tired now

  24. SirDuce1

    I love this lady… …
    I love this lady… such power….

  25. LaBrantt23

    This is music for …
    This is music for the soul!!!!

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