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New iphone apps for Musicians

Musicians from all over the world are discovering that the iphone is their new best friend. Apps are being released every day that make the lives of solo artists and bands alike easier and more managable (not to mention the tons of equipment they no longer have to lug around). The innovation of the iphone and the apps is a game changer. If you are a musician you don’t miss out on this new age of mobile technologies. Whether you have an iphone or ipad this is for all musicians!

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

Price: $3.99


By bitcount

This tuner provides a reference pitch as well as a meter when you play into the microphone. The meter is sensitive and accurate.

Tempo (Metronome with Setlist)

Price: $1.99


By Frozen Ape

Terrific metronome. If you have used a Dr. Beat, you will be familiar with all of the features that Tempo offers, including subdivisions, tap for tempo, and the ability to create setlists.

Musician's Practice Journal

Price: $2.99


By David Charlton

Musician’s Practice Journal helps musicians track their practice and progress for specific pieces. You can set tempo goals for specific pieces and track your hours spent.

GigBaby! four track recorder, metronome, drum machineArray

Price: $0.99


By ioMetics LLC

GigBaby is a four-track recorder, drum machine, and metronome. This full-featured app is a way to create on the go and evaluate your practice sessions through recording. Recordings can be exported via wi-fi back to your computer

Karajan® - Music & Ear Trainer

Price: $14.99


By appsolute GmbH

If you’re a music major and have yet to pass music theory, Karajan – Ear Training is a great way to practice your ear training assignments on the go. If you don’t need all of the features, there is also a free version of this app.

iReal Book

Price: $7.99


By Massimo Biolcati

For the working jazz musician, the Real Book is the go to book for lead sheets of jazz standards. This app includes chord progressions for your most requested tunes.


Price: Free


By Connor Wakamo

While Balance is not specifically written for musicians, it is a great, simple accounting app. It can be used to track private lesson fees and money made from gigs.

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