1. sangolt88


  2. caddis05

    Awesome job …
    Awesome job Jennifer & Tim!!

    Bring back – Random Giant Checken Alert!!!

  3. jernov

    Nice! :D

    I love …
    Nice! :D

    I love James Hetfields’ playing style, He’s a major influence to the music that I write :)

  4. andenahlino

    Fuck Yeah! More …
    Yeah! More Metal Lessons plz:D!

  5. stymye

    cool stuff! …
    cool stuff!alternate picking the riff would work too . I wish it could have been demonstrated once with the backing track to see where the notes should land.

  6. asianwhite2007

    Nice guitar. What …
    Nice guitar. What type is it?

  7. DrBones666

    Metalica with a …
    Metalica with a pink guitar. It fits.

  8. darkeagle551

    metallica for life! …
    metallica for life! good video

  9. MalaysiaIndieMusic


  10. ernal

    Good vid, but there …
    Good vid, but there is something odd about heavy metal riffs being played on a pretty pink guitar :)

  11. Princeofthesofa


  12. WildChild7Rocks

    I love these …
    I love these lessons!!! This has helped me so much. Keep Rockin!!!

  13. ysosadpandabear

    dave is the best.
    dave is the best.

  14. ysosadpandabear

    i like dave the …
    i like dave the best…. make more videos with him. he’s awesome, cool, brings alot of energy to videos, funny and informative, he, in my opinion, is the best person of all the “nextlevel” guitar ppl.

  15. ysosadpandabear

    1)captions were …
    1)captions were pretty funny!! lol.XD
    2)i guess the host (the girl) is pretty good, and the guy with crazy hair is pretty cool too but my favorite person is dave, he always brings so much life and energy to the videos and makes it informative as well as entertaining. DAVE YOUR AWESOME!!!!

  16. mannyichi


  17. starblazer501

    Cool Lesson!
    Cool Lesson!

  18. bigw360

    first comment!!!
    first comment!!!

  19. wolfisloose

    tasty little riff
    tasty little riff

  20. Meatwad07


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