1. kep67

    does that guitar …
    does that guitar have active pickups??
    what’s the difference in sound active vs passive pickups??

  2. byakuganmaggot

    in the beginning …
    in the beginning was that “Free bird”

  3. danielsmokejoints

    the 1st solo is …
    the 1st solo is equal to the solo of nothing else matters, just compare and you see that one part of nothing else matters has de same notes.

  4. KingOfShadows1500

    sg rules!! xD
    sg rules!! xD

  5. iloveyfc1

    awesome lesson dude
    awesome lesson dude

  6. MrMorrris

    Awesome lesson …
    Awesome lesson Marty, and awesome SG :D

  7. RadiantAmar

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the lesson. I find your teaching style to be very clear and understandable. I love this lick and can’t wait to perfect it!

  8. bryanfofyan123

    i have that guitar. …
    i have that guitar. and thanks for all the lessons marty your the best!

  9. crippleskater22

    @B2Rockin It’s a …
    @B2Rockin It’s a divided by 13 amp that’s all I know though

  10. samwillpunchyou

    dude you r awesome
    dude you r awesome

  11. ukchris64

    Marty ignore the …
    Marty ignore the crappy comments the stuff you teach is good, I find this hard and have to ask do you actually touch the high E? With practice I’m sure I will get it in time, once again thank you for your time.

  12. mandymoore95

    Anyone know what …
    Anyone know what kind of a distortion pedal he’s using?

  13. B2Rockin

    Is that a Dr. Z amp …
    Is that a Dr. Z amp? Whatever it is it sounds amazing ;) \m/

  14. BassOnABudget

    @TheGibsonman59 …
    @TheGibsonman59 faggot

  15. TheGibsonman59

    My friends 1964 …
    My friends 1964 GIBSON SG is nicer looking and sounding than that. . . . wts up w/ that slow motion stuf, that was a FAIL. . . just stop Marty, ur not a shredder, my friend can also play better than u, i can play better than that.

  16. gothyke

    that’s the worst …
    that’s the worst sounding Gibson I heard in my life.

  17. Bigolmeanie

    Marty man continues …
    Marty man continues to be FKN ROCKIN !!! I love your lessons Bro!

  18. resistancemonkey

    kinda like in …
    kinda like in communication breakdown

  19. keban31

    That is the guitar …
    That is the guitar I really would like to get, same sweet colour too!!

  20. TheMarlon32

    you i been …
    you i been practicing on that 1 alot

  21. uutoobee

    Tenacious D? you’re …
    Tenacious D? you’re way better

  22. Misterwhalley88

    Awesome lesson …
    Awesome lesson Marty, one of my favorites so far!
    Thanks for making these great lessons.

    Plus that guitar is sweeeeet.

  23. warnerkickass123

    @dekomondo …
    @dekomondo go back to sucking you mums cock

  24. RyderGuy007

    I’m sorry to hear …
    I’m sorry to hear that, man

  25. dekomondo

    lol , im kinda mad …
    lol , im kinda mad because i never seem to find a guitarist that isnt fat…makes me think i’ll get fat if i play on a guitar…

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