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Rock and Blues Electric Guitar Solo Lesson – Double stops 3 ways fender telecaster

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Duration : 0:8:47

[youtube -rULq_GlNtw]


  1. pnigos

    Hi Marty…just …
    Hi Marty…just confirm..its the same progression then the inro of “Brown Eyed Girl” (Van Morison” ?

  2. roadwolf1340

    @Hallpers Yep …
    @Hallpers Yep figured as much cause your ignorance came through in flying colors!

  3. Tallguyalec

    correct me if im …
    correct me if im wrong, but the part over the G7 is an A dorian sound? right? it was mentioned in the vid, just wanted to make sure.

  4. tr0llerguy

    @roadwolf1340 yeah …
    @roadwolf1340 yeah im gay thats how i know hes gay im also older than you cause im 12 yor probobly lyk 7 therfore you are a baby boo boo. jajajajaja

  5. OscarZielke

    @xr1800yam with a …
    @xr1800yam with a pedal

  6. victorvarvatos

    ehi dude… i’ve …
    ehi dude… i’ve used your suggestions…

  7. roadwolf1340

    @tr0llerguy Gay? …
    @tr0llerguy Gay? Guess it takes one to know one huh?

  8. tr0llerguy

    The guitar is out …
    The guitar is out of tune, and he is gay.

  9. xr1800yam

    How do you “loop” …
    How do you “loop” the background chords?

  10. alfjon1

    another killa …
    another killa lesson marty. as always i might add.

  11. Ronaldo17700

    You are a cool …
    You are a cool player, that sounds relaxing and awesome.

  12. Seaannn1


    Haha …

    Haha, yeah thought so. I think I’m using 10’s right now, they’re not too bad lol.

  13. garystabler

    @Seaannn1 ahhh yeah …
    @Seaannn1 ahhh yeah, most of the guitars in shops (here in England anyway) always have 9 gauge strings on them. I’m not keen on strings that brittle personally, i like nice thick 11s because of their great feel and sound better in tune… pahaha, wooow, what an essay i wrote…

  14. Drew927

    why are fenders so …
    why are fenders so god dam expensive

  15. bullsandmilk

    Pls make just one …
    Pls make just one video of you jamming for 3 mins.You are so freaking good :).And great lesson of course ;D

  16. Seaannn1



    Yeah, same here. I think 9’s are most common but don’t quote me on that one haha.

  17. namelessmember

    Hey Marty,
    I got …

    Hey Marty,
    I got in on your 17 DVD course a few weeks back and am loving it.
    I’ve owned a guitar for over 30 years and never really learned to “play” it.
    Thanks to you I’m finally starting to “get it”.
    Good stuff!!!

  18. CharlesLaurita

    This guy is great!
    This guy is great!

  19. GuitarGuru177

    I just noticed this …
    I just noticed this! Marty looks a lot like Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse!!!

  20. blownspeakersss

    Quick question, Im …
    Quick question, Im currently using like 10 gage strings on an epiphone LP. and i’ve played guitars with lower gage strings and i like it a lot better. Is it okay to go down a gage in s trings? And what do most people use?

  21. CodeM1994

    @Jarrodpotter23 …
    @Jarrodpotter23 It’s not a Squire.. It’s a Fender US Telecaster. Squire is just a cheap version of it.

  22. lars2012

    HAAHAAHAA C Major C …
    HAAHAAHAA C Major C happy princesses and flowers ! xD

  23. Jarrodpotter23

    that guitars a …
    that guitars a squire am i right? i have the same guitar only its blue thumbs up if blues your fav color!

  24. papan1990

    Dude u should post …
    Dude u should post videos more than 10 mins long….plzzz.cover full songs…We need your tutorials…

  25. alexanderusov

    Thanks you for …
    Thanks you for lesson, very good played! =)

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