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Spyro♥Cynder~ Guide You Home

OMG I can´t say it enough, thank you sooo much for all the nice comments and high ratings =DD And over 10.000 views THANK YOU GUYS!!!
WOOOO! My first Music Video is FINISHED!
It´s a present for all my YT friends!
And for my best friend, Michi *lüb dich*^^

Song: Guide you home (I would you die for you)
Song by: Rebecca Kneubuhl and Gabriel Mann

Spyro, Cynder and the “The Legend of Spyro” Triology belong to Sierra

This is the darkest Night.
Stars have all faded away.
Quiet upon this World.
Through the clouds there is a Light.
We will find a way.

I would die for you.
Cross the Sky for you.
I will send out a light,
burning for you alone.
You´re all I need.
You set me free.
And this Fire will guide you home.

There is an open door.
Somehow it feels so familiar.
We have been here before.
Through this earth forgotten fight.
There must be a way.

I would die for you.
Cross the sky for you.
I will send out a light,
burning for you alone.
You´re all I need.
You set me free.
And this fire will guide you home.

Where our hearts are wide open.
Where our bond is unbroken.

I would die for you.
Cross the sky for you.
I will send out a light,
burning for you alone.

I would die for you.
Cross the sky for you.
I will send out a light,
burning for you alone.
You´re all I need.
You set me free.

I would die for you.
Cross the sky for you.
I will wait for you.
And I´ll stick with you.
[Chorus background repeat]

You´re al I need.
You set me free.
Set me free.

And this fire will guide you home

Duration : 0:4:35

[youtube U17U1RfPAiE]


  1. sweefox

    @88beauzeau88 lol …
    @88beauzeau88 lol this conversation gets kinda pointless, ey? ;3
    anyway, I’m not THAT dumb.
    I know siblings don’t have to look alike, but than again, we’re talking about reptilians, not human beings.
    and btw, I know some siblings aswell, and all of them shared one attribute they got from their parents, be it eyecolor,haircolor etc.
    Since noone knows who Spyro’s or Cynder’s parents were, you can’t just come up, telling everyone they are something you can’t even proof.
    or can you? ;D

  2. Cynderdarkdragon1

    @88beauzeau88 Lol …
    @88beauzeau88 Lol how did you get tthat conclusion?

  3. 88beauzeau88

    @Cynderdarkdragon1 …
    @Cynderdarkdragon1 Sorry, but all the eggs were from different moms (not individually). 1 clutch could have equaled 6 eggs. So the answer to this is; Spyro and Cynder are in fact two-egg twins.

  4. 88beauzeau88

    @sweefox Nice try, …
    @sweefox Nice try, but my wife once worked with a group of 5 siblings. One had black hair, one was short, one had red hair, one was tall. My point is siblings DON’T have to look alike to be siblings!
    By the way, why would Spyro and Cynder wanna have kids? A handful for teens. Not cool!
    Additionally, Krome and Sierra worked together to make the 1st 2 games, so that meant Sierra was PART OF THE MAKING of the GBA version, so where’s YOUR proof now?

  5. lpedy

    this is so …
    this is so beutifull, i love this video very much.

  6. Samsquamch23

    For the thousanth …
    For the thousanth time, Dragons don’t have blood siblings in the TLoS timeline. The GBA version of ANB did call them siblings, but that was a script error.

    Consider it this way. Eggs are delivered to the by their parents/found by the Guardians. But, none of the eggs are related in the matter of sharing parents like human siblings. They could be raised as siblings, but they aren’t blood related.

    Plus, I read some dragon books and came up with this: Many dragons only lay one egg!

  7. Cynderdarkdragon1

    @88beauzeau88 Didnt …
    @88beauzeau88 Didnt you see how many dragon egg’s there were in A New Beggining? There were like a ton, one dragon couldn’t have layed them all

  8. pokepal311


  9. Bumblebee13241

    how u make heart in …
    how u make heart in comments and names?

  10. loverboy3027

    i love this song it …
    i love this song it makes mt think of my gf

  11. sweefox

    @88beauzeau88 you …
    @88beauzeau88 you DO know that if they were siblings, Dawn of the Dragon would contain incest, right?
    I don’t think incest would be good in a kids game ._.
    And Sierra only has the copyright for Spyro, the GBA version was made by a different gaming company, that would explain why ONLY the GBA version of ANB contains this “clutch of eggs/sibling” shit.
    and btw, do Cynder & Spyro look like they could be brother and sister??
    They don’t even look alike, so where’s yer proof now?

  12. 12quigon

    This is… AWESOME
    This is… AWESOME

  13. MewmewgirlxX

    You know the part ( …
    You know the part (part 2:37) ? Which game system is that? Cynder is soooo pretty on that part!

  14. QueenCynder

    Awesome music video …
    Awesome music video… This is one of my favorite songs!

  15. captprice117

    The song suits this …
    The song suits this game

  16. TheStormfly

    @Elibean1 haha, …
    @Elibean1 haha, same!

  17. Elibean1

    @TheStormfly whew, …
    @TheStormfly whew, glad I’m not the only one!

  18. TheStormfly

    where’s the clip at …
    where’s the clip at 2:39 from? it’s not in the game!

  19. TheStormfly

    @Elibean1 yeah, …
    @Elibean1 yeah, same here! i was just noticing it before i read your comment. i think there’s something with the sound quality because my speakers are fine with other songs.

  20. 88beauzeau88

    Actually, if two …
    Actually, if two things come from the same clutch of eggs, that means that they came from the same mother. Which makes them brother and sister. So Sierra “made a mistake”? A multi-million dollar software company just went “oops! Oh well, we’ll release it anyway”….. I doubt it. If you want to tell yourself that they are a couple, then you go ahead and tell yourself whatever you want. You’re wrong, but that’s ok. We all need something to believe in I guess….

  21. jet100a

    @88beauzeau88 …
    @88beauzeau88 Listen i know there not brother and sister the company that made the game said it was a mistake they messed up ok i seen lots of games and read lots of things about them from the company and others about how they messed up you are a retared really inbreeding would be nasty!!!!

  22. DoferAnarchy

    This is amazing!

    This is amazing!
    The great vid, the beautiful song!!!
    My heart and soul are crying when I hear this song!

  23. Elibean1

    This song messes up …
    This song messes up my speakers. Is it my speakers, or is it the song?

  24. Elibean1

    @dintho I know, …
    @dintho I know, they NEED to make a new Spyro game! Why stop now? xD

  25. gangsta0lemon

    @dintho In the Xbox …
    @dintho In the Xbox/ PS3 versions, they could make that a DLC. For those of you who are nintendo fans, DLC (downloadable content) Usually means extra missions, weapons, abilities, and maybe even extra cutscenes. Usually extra missions and abilities, though.

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