A Beginners Guide to Sweep Picking Arpeggios on Guitar

Q: How Can I Get Good at Sweep Picking?

Are there any tips you could give me about sweep picking? I’m finding that the technique very difficult to do. Any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.
~ Dugan

An instructional video with Andrew Wasson from Creative Guitar Studio on how to go about learning sweep picking.


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Duration : 0:7:25

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25 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide to Sweep Picking Arpeggios on Guitar

  1. Kickass lesson man! …
    Kickass lesson man!! ive been dying to figure out how to sweep and sure enough this video taught me..im getting the 3 string down pretty good.. thanks!

  2. I’ve been just …
    I’ve been just doing the same sweeps over and over and i’d say that seeing this 3 string sweep will help me out dramatically if i keep practicing with it. Not to mention it sounds like a sweep thats easy to work with.

  3. Excellent guide. …
    Excellent guide. The thing people probably hate about it is the fact that you CAN’T become amazing at sweeping overnight, unless you’re some kind of musical prodigy.

    It takes a considerable amount of practicing, just like anything else with guitar.

  4. I spent all day …
    I spent all day yesterday trying to learn me some sweep picking and this video was very informative. Great teaching, keep up the good work! And more videos please :)

  5. Hi!
    I just wanted …

    I just wanted to think what you think about tortex as a material?
    Im currently playing with regular Jazz 3’s and think that they feel really good, but i really want to get more in contact with the instrument, which i have heard that tortex does.. so is it true? Does tortex make it feel like you are more in contact with the string/guitar then regular nylon picks?

  6. thanks. i was just …
    thanks. i was just at my friend’s house actually and i was showing him how far i got with sweep picking and he gave me the same exact pick you recommended and it sounded great. i even asked him if i could have it lol.
    thanks for the advice!

  7. Hello …
    o CBKproductionz,

    In the long run a thicker pick is what you may want to lean toward. The thicker picks will allow you to have more control over dynamics. The sweep technique has a lot to do with pick angle. Your hand will change on up and down sweeps. Watch the video here closely on how my picking hand changes it’s angle.

    I personally use a very thick pick. The Jim Dunlop Tortex Jazz H3’s. The tone and attack from it produce an excellent sound.

    Hope this helps,
    Andrew W.

  8. i have a question. …
    i have a question. i’ve been workin on sweep picking for a bout a week and i noticed that it’s a lot easier to do with a thinner pick for me. i just don’t know which has a better tone quality, thin or thick picks.

  9. Awesome Video, you …
    Awesome Video, you seem to know your stuff, did you learn Music Theory, because i’m positive you did.

  10. Awesome, thank you …
    Awesome, thank you very much! :)
    I’m kinda stable with the 3-string-sweep (to be precise, i’m at 66 BPM atm). I’ll practice it a few more days, and then move on to your 4-string-sweep.

    Best instructional video on YouTube. ^^

  11. SGVB22,

    It is a …

    It is a 1991 U.S.A. Stratocaster with a Seymour Duncan “Hot Rail” in the bridge pos. and another Duncan “Cool Rail” in the neck pos. The middle pick-up is the stock Strat single-coil. I also have a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup installed for use in my GR-20 system.

    – Andrew Wasson

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