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Chinatown street musician

Chinatown seems like a place for tourists until you take a look around at the faces of the people who live there. How many stories are engraved on the memories of the Chinese residents who live here?

Duration : 0:6:37

[youtube P3NVznoNies]


  1. badmemrys

    that guy playing …
    that guy playing the music is awesome I could listen to him play all day

  2. IceCubeOfDoom

    Dude, half this …
    Dude, half this video is you bullshitting around china town. I want to see the musician, not you dicking around all day.

  3. kolodragon

    I gave that same …
    I gave that same guy five bucks o3o

  4. gatalhufo

    nice instrument!
    nice instrument!


    SF makes me …
    SF makes me nostalgic! WHAT-A-CITY!!! Nice music too…I got the same fiddle but with no sound bridge! lol!

  6. ifckmepudding

    Haha yea there’s …
    Haha yea there’s always that same dude there every week. San Francisco’s Chinatown is such a great place.

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