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Musicians Guide to Playing Guitar Fast and Easy

For the last couple of months our staff has been looking for an online guitar course that we could recommend. We have received thousands of requests for a program that teaches people how to play in a manner that is unconventional. The problem with most courses is that there is too much theory and B.S. surrounding it. So we decided to find someone that could teach and we hit the jackpot!

Get your guide to Playing The Guitar Fast and Easy and hours of free lessons previously available only at Jerry Wyatt's sold out Guitar Clinics

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  1. I’ve been taking Jerry’s lessons for a couple of months now and all I can say is wow. The stuff he’s giving away are way better than lessons I paid a small fortune for over the years. My bad habits are slowly melting away and my skill level is going through the roof. I’m anxious to get his full blown course, do you know when he will be making that available?

  2. admin

    Hey Brodie,
    Thanks for your kind words. The course will be released very soon. I’m not allowed to say how much.. but I can tell you it is going to be very affordable. In fact I’m not sure how long the course will take to fill up.
    I suggest you sign up for the newsletter, this automatically puts you on the early bird notification list
    Here’s the link

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