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Jerry Wyatt’s Learn Guitar Fast and Easy

Through the years the staff at Musicians Blueprint has encountered hundreds if not thousands of training courses. Everything from Reading Music to Learning to Play the Guitar. Most of them are nothing but hype full of promises that can never be delivered upon and ultimately charging exorbitant amounts of money that leaves people discouraged and scratching their heads wondering why they fell for such a scam.

Our mission when we began Musicians Blueprint was to find and deliver quality content and point aspiring musicians toward resources that can be trusted.

We get thousands of questions each and every month about on-line music courses. It seems everyone has a desire or knows someone eager to learn how to play an instrument. So we decided to address these questions one instrument at a time.

If you have been following Musicians Blueprint lately you may have seen the poll asking our readers “What is the number one question you would like answered to help you become a better musician?” The feedback was Overwhelming. At least half of you responded with queries about Learning Guitar

You may have also noticed that about six months ago we teamed up with a southern gentleman named Jerry Wyatt. Jerry has been giving guitar lessons for over thirty years. A number that is impressive in and of itself. But the really impressive number is the amount of guitar pickers who have connected with Jerry who have improved faster than they ever imagined. This guy is an open book, he puts everything on the table for his students to see and he makes it extremely easy to trust him. How? Simply put, he’s a straight up guy who just has a desire to give back to something that has given him so much enjoyment in his lifetime…Pay it Forward if you will.

As it turns out Jerry ‘Stringbender‘ Wyatt has much more to offer than a passion to give back. Jerry has stumbled upon techniques for teaching guitar that have never been shown. Students relate to Jerry on a level that I have never seen before… Ever! It’s like you’ve known him forever and you’re learning from your best friend. Not only that but he skips over all the B.S. and brings you straight to the nuts and bolts of playing the guitar. He likens it to driving a sports car… If someone hands you the keys to a Porsche, what’s the first thing your going to do? Are you going to look under the hood and kick the tires? Heck no! You’re going to jump behind the wheel and drive that car like wild! Learning Guitar shouldn’t be a chore. You can come back to music theory and all the boring crap later… after you take that guitar for a test drive.

Here’s the really good news! Jerry has decided to release his course to the public. After a year of giving away some of the best lessons available on the internet today, Jerry has developed a killer course that everyone is raving about. Jerry calls it his ‘Full Blown Course’ I told you he was a southern gentleman but what he’s offering here is worth at least 4x what he’s charging. These prices go back to the 80’s and frankly I think Jerry should be charging much much more.

The Bad News : ( Jerry is limited to the amount of people that can be let in! You see, the lessons are all video’s and they use up a tremendous amount of server space. I’m sure that some of you know what I’m talking about but for those of you who don’t, it simply means that time is of the essence! If you are interested you can go take a test drive for less than $5. If you don’t like what you see he will refund you every red cent as well as give you an additional month for free. I think he’s crazy but I guess that’s how things are done in The Smokey Mountains… Maybe the altitude!

Take Your Test Drive Here

Take a look at what people are saying

Jerry, you made something that can be absolutely boring into something totally cool! The great thing is I can use it right away. I love the way you show how to expand things on our own. Your a gifted teacher, keep up the good work and God Bless.


Wow – There is hope for this beginner. You are a great teacher and I have learned more in this lesson than everything I have tried to learn off the internet. Thank you for everything that you have taught all of us. Sign me up!! I am convinced if anybody can teach me, it will be you!!


You’ve made a really good point about changing things up, but more importantly you’ve SHOWED me an example of how easy it is to do.


Hi Jerry I’m really glad that I joined up. The lessons have been a real help to me. The information that you gave has given has opened a new door. Thanks so much.


What I enjoy about your videos is that you break everything down taking time to explain what you are doing and how to do it.


I took lessons for over a year and was board silly. I actually put down my guitar for a couple of years and have recently committed myself to really learning to play. In just the first lesson I understand the notes on my guitar more fully today than ever before. I look forward to seeing whats next! Thank You!


Being a beginner, you have made it enjoyable to learn and very easy to understand. My 10 y.o. daughter is learning to play as well. We enjoy learning and playing the guitar together. Thanks for the great lessons!


Hi Jerry!. Well ya did it again man,. You keep on blowing me away. Thanks again for my last lesson, I’ve gotta tell ya Jerry,,, I’ve never enjoyed playing so much. My guitar is rarely out of my hands now. Keep on rocking!


Hi Jerry! Thanks so much for the AWESOME lessons!! I love your sense of humor and doing this at the comfort of my own home is GREAT!!!


Go For Your Test Drive Now

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