learn guitar

Montage of solos and tricky shit.

Inspired by Mechy (vergil114 lol) Too bad he kicks and I suck :/
Sub to him, he’s a pretty cool guy.

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Duration : 0:4:47

[youtube 9C5ujLDT3S0]


  1. Metallicaholic666

    @0xilipe0 I would …
    @0xilipe0 I would love to find a chart of Metallica’s Mechanix.

  2. 0xilipe0

    I see you played …
    I see you played The Mechanix :P

    j/k. your compilation is better than mine :/

  3. Metallicaholic666

    @OzzyOzrock The …
    @OzzyOzrock The slider system is amazing in PS.

  4. OzzyOzrock

    yay mr crowley

    and …
    yay mr crowley

    and holy crap sliders

  5. Metallicaholic666

    @estemshorn lawl
    @estemshorn lawl

  6. estemshorn

    vergil may be …
    vergil may be cooler but at least i’m sexier

    owait, no i’m not.


    plus woooo da secks

  7. vergil114

    I totally Lol’d at …
    I totally Lol’d at the transitions also the end song is The Game

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