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High School Musical 3 – Can I Have This Dance *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO w/lyrics (HQ)

The Official clip of “Can I Have This Dance” from High School Musical 3. The movie hits theaters Oct 24th!

Lyrics :

Take my hand, take a breath
Pull me close, and take one step
Keep your eyes locked on mine
And let the music be your guide
(Troy and Gabriella)
Now won’t you promise me (Won’t you promise me)
That you’ll never forget (That we’ll keep dancing)
To keep dancing (To keep dancing)
Where ever we go next

(Troy and Gabriella)
It’s like catching lightening
The chances of of finding, someone like you
It’s one in a million
The chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance?)
Can I have this dance?

No mountains to high enough
(Troy and Gabriella)
No oceans to wide
Cuz together or not, Our dance wont stop
Let it rain, let it pour
What we have is worth fighting for
You know I believe, that we were meant to beeeee
(Gabriella) Yeeeaaaaahhhh!

(Troy and Gabriella)
It’s like catching lightening
The chances of of finding, someone like you (Oooh like you)
It’s one in a million
The chances of feeling the way we do (The way we do)
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance?)
Can I have this dance
Can I have this dance? (This dance)
Can I have this dance?]

Duration : 0:2:46

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How to Play Bass Guitar: Beginner Lessons : Picking Hand Technique

Learn about the different techniques for picking the bass guitar strings with your picking hand.

Expert: Dalton Chamblee
Contact: www.fatbackcircus.com
Bio: Dalton Chamblee has been playing the bass guitar for over 10 years. He is a member of the band Fatback Circus.Array

Duration : 0:2:2

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Chaosweaver by Scar Symmetry Guitar Cover (No solo)

Hey guys, I haven’t uploaded anything for a while, with school starting soon and all I haven’t had much time, so I decided I’d cover one of my favorites, Chaosweaver by Scar Symmetry. I had to learn it pretty quickly since, again, there isn’t much time, but thanks to LiamEngl’s mostly perfect tab, I was able to do so. Be sure to check out his channel! The solo was a bit hard to read from a regular (non guitar pro) tab, so I did some improv stuff over it, simple power chords and minor chords. Rate, comment, subscribe, check out my other (better) videos, and of course, I hope you enjoy!

Duration : 0:3:47

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Free Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson Video – Slides

How to play slides on bass guitar – so cool! Go to http://www.creativebasslessons.com to get your complete step-by-step course of Bass Lessons Online.

Duration : 0:4:54

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Songwriter’s Guide to Great Guitar – Denny Sarokin – Introduction

FULL COURSE: http://su.pr/2PcVIP

Join TrueFire for free! – http://www.truefire.com

On Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/truefiretv/

On Facebook – http://www.truefire.com/facebook/

Whether youre a songwriter or you just love playing your favorite classic rock, county, pop, and blues tunes, THE SONGWRITERS GUIDE TO GREAT GUITAR will supercharge your writing, playing, and performing skills.

This fast paced, fun filled course breaks down the styles and techniques of classic songwriters, session musicians, and recording artists into a Technique Toolbox of over 200 Hot Licks, Cool Tricks, and Great Grooves that will have you playing like the pros!

Each stand-alone exercise is grouped by musical styles and techniques, making it easy for you to customize your own course – mix and match lessons to creative your own style!Array

Learn to play by ear and build better chops by connecting the musical sounds, shapes, and patterns that make songs radio ready and turns players into performers.

Topics Include

• Classic Chord Progressions & Rhythm Grooves
• Fingerstyle (Folk, / Chet Atkins / James Taylor / Chord-Melody)
• Moving Bass Lines
• Walkups
• Playing Lead
• Power Chords
• Sexy Scales
• Harmonics
• Open Tunings
• Pedal Bass
• Building Chops
• Muting
• Chord Shape-Shifting & MORE

All Styles / Beginners to Advance

Rock / Country / Blues / Pop / Folk / R&B / Jazz / Bluegrass / Reggae / Power Ballads / Bossa Nova

Duration : 0:1:54

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Learn to play acoustic guitar many strum patterns lesson


Click the above link to check out our 4 DVD set titled “acoustic guitar TECHNIQUES” – its a killer 4 dvd set with over 8 hours of lessons and instruction to get your acoustic guitar playing to the next level.

This is a lesson from the above dvd set in which we teach you a bunch of new strum patterns.

Many more lessons on the full on video instructional website at:

Duration : 0:10:59

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Basic Amp Set Up For Electric Guitar

Understanding how to plug everything in and create the sound you want!

Regarded as one of the UKs finest guitar coaches, Richard has held long term, respected positions in the field of music education including ‘Principle Guitar Tutor’ at the Essex Musicians Centre, England for 9 years and ‘Resident Guitar Teacher’ at Orwell Park School – the UKs number 1 prep school for 5 years.

Throughout his 16 years as a guitar tutor, 
Richard has developed his unique way of teaching the guitar, which is more of a coaching based system than traditional lessons and integrates his vast experience with some of his most valuable strategies for maximizing you along your guitar journey. Richard has coached and worked with BRIT Awards winners and Grammy Nominees.

For the last 2 years, Richard has dedicated his time to creating the Easy Guitar Method which integrates integrates 16 years experience as a professional musician and teacher with Richard’s groundbreaking strategies to help you realize your ‘Ultimate Guitar Dream’!

visit www.easyguitarmethod.com for more info and to sign up to Richard’s many exciting programs…

Duration : 0:7:27

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Absolutely Free Online Beginner Bass Lesson Number 2

This is the second lesson in the series for beginner bass guitar players.
Go to http://www.creativebasslessons.com to choose your complete course of step-by-step Bass Lessons Online.

Duration : 0:8:19

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