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Granada, Spain Travel Video Guide

Published on September 27, 2010 By admin

Cave Dwellers (cuevas) of San Miguel Alto. In Granada I visit the Alhambra, a fine example of Moorish Architecture, which uses the aesthetically pleasing golden ratio in its dimensions. I then learn about cave living, interviewing such characters as Dr, Sun, who uses a solar cooking machine to prepare meals. Array Spanish/English Translation – Miguel [...]

25. Bass Guitar Exercise 1432 – Part 06/24

Published on April 2, 2009 By admin

a simple 1432 exercise. pls use a metronome and start slowly. Exercise Sheet: http://primatebass.lima-city.de/1234.jpg comments much appreciated Duration : 0:2:30 Technorati Tags: Bass, bassguitar, bassline, bassmusic, bassplayer, beginner, channel, course, electricbass, espanol, exercise, finger, free, fretting, german, Guitar, hand, how, improve, independence, instruction, instrument, italian, italy, learn, lesson, neck, online, play, plucking, posture, practice, primatebass76, [...]