Helping Musicians Scale Their Passion

Are you a musician that wants to attract an audience of clients that love your work?

My name is Allison and I help musicians break through plateaus by showing them the step-by-step process to packaging their expertise into a high-value offer and generating their own enthusiastic leads when they want.

If you're interested in learning how to grow an audience of enthusiastic leads that want your service so you can earn more and have more fun, then click below for this Free Training to see if we can help you do the same!

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Tested Strategy

No fluff, just tested strategy and clear steps. Follow a step by step process where you know the exact input needed to get the desired output.


Structured Coaching

We love what we do and it shows in our work. You'll be guided every step of the way with training and weekly calls.

Focused Musicians

It's your dream, we're here to help you make it. No egos included. Join a community of driven musicians moving forward that support each-other by celebrating wins.

Success as a musician isn't magic, it's cause and effect

Musician's Blueprint gets professional artists that want to grow, laser-focused on the actions that create big reactions.

You'll find our students adding value, optimizing and doing the creative work they love.

"41 leads in 7 days!! I have a lot of calls to do... Signed up for wedding wire but then I found you and thought - this is much better!"


"Booked two weddings in 7 days after launching website and campaign!! .. What got me interested in your program was a way to take positive action to book lucrative events"


"Booked a $600 gig first week of our campaign! ..It’s a big physiological shift to not just hope someone emails.. It’s not completely out of my hands which is a beautiful thing"


Case Studies

Hear directly from happy and successful clients

"Went from $200 gigs at most to just closing 2 for about $1000 each..

..This program is for anyone who is not sure how to promote themselves in the online world, who enjoy performing for the public..and maybe your efforts have been frustrated, perhaps you've tried these websites to advertise your services but you're just not getting very good quality clients and all they're doing is shopping for the lowest price..

..I would say your worth is more than that and basically, you need to do this program, it's a really good easy to use program..

..It's a big transformation, there is a lot of learning through.. I'm not the most technologically savvy person ...but you were patient in helping with all of that..

..Biggest lesson I learned through the process? You can get the technology right, but you have to ultimately get good at talking and working with people.."

— Evan

Evan Dallas Music

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"I'm just thrilled to have a website that's getting compliments from industry peers, I feel more confident and relaxed in the role of 'marketer'.

Before we started working together, I was looking for a better way to promote my work.

Booked a $600 gig first week of our campaign!

It’s a big physiological shift to not just hope someone emails.. It’s not completely out of my hands which is a beautiful thing.

I was hungry for a new way to look at things in a trained position… [this is great for..] someone who’s looking for a solid sense of direction."


Ryan Smith Cello Music

"When covid hit all my regular gigs dried up but oddly enough, I noticed I was still playing weddings, which was more lucrative as well ..

But the problem I kept running into is that I didn’t have a way to be proactive .. what got me interested in your program was a way to take positive action

After working together one month, I booked two weddings in the month of August after launching website and campaign - the website tweaks are invaluable for me.

Next year - I think I’m going to book up real fast.

For those who are not sure if they should hunker down during quarantine - I say it’s an ideal time to take a step back and work on your craft take next steps to grow.

As a professional musician, working on your craft is important, working on your business is important, working on your marketing is important — it's all important. Be a professional, because in the long run, it's more fun that way anyways."

— Steven

Steven Gary Music

More Wins..

Who is Behind Musician's Blueprint?

My name is Allison Legendre and I help musicians book well paid creatively fulfilling gigs by showing them how to attract their ideal clients on demand.

If you're interested in learning exactly what my clients are doing right now to generate high quality leads and book gigs at will and with predictably, then check out this FREE Training I made below!

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If you have a burning desire to live life on your own terms and truly want to build an impactful music career and cut through the fluff — I put together a free 40 min training — a strategy that actually works to build a music career you’re passionate about, level up your mindset, get high-value clients, have a real impact, and grow into 2.0 you. ⁣⁣⁣

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