Why Talent Does Not Equal Success

Written by Allison Legendre

When looking at the music performance scene, it is easy for most musicians to assume that technical skills or talent is the biggest factor determining their degree of success. Whether that’s defined as success in your performance career, number of events played per year, or most importantly, your ability to make a good living off of the sound you have developed over many years of investing into your craft.

Many musicians think... ‘of course, this makes sense’, since so many top performers in the world have technical abilities that most would aspire to have. In the music scene, there is no way to “cheat” yourself into becoming a musician who is well known and respected and, perhaps most importantly, booked. You have to actually be able to play.

Naturally, many musicians observing this ‘phenomenon’, are directing their attention and energy to complete mastery of their instrument in order to land an audition, book that next performance, or have a chance at playing in a certain ensemble...

While an understandable reaction and worthwhile pursuits...

The truth is, the connection between technical skill and success (even earning a living for that matter) is not a direct correlation. At a certain point, this relationship breaks down.

Simply put, your proficiency in playing is bound and will eventually peak in the perception of most listeners, but success in your ability to earn a living from making music is unbound and not limited by the same principles. These two are not correlated after a certain point, and it happens sooner than most realize. To think they continue to be correlated is actually a false assumption.

The ability to recognize this may be one of the most important things you can learn as a musician looking to earn a living doing what you love to do!

So what should you focus on?

Well it’s no secret that for every ‘one’ successfully established musician, there are as many, and more, equally talented musicians who are not experiencing the same level of success and financial freedom in their careers

Never-the-less, these talented hard working musicians continue to show up every day in droves to practice hard and wait for their turn to be chosen.

But what if I told you the entire prevailing belief system on the idea of success in the music industry was wrong?

What if I told you that by focusing so closely on the traditional and competitive paths of music, most musicians have become blind to the opportunities that actually exist?

What if, rather than waiting to be chosen, you chose yourself?

You see, the hard truth is that most of the talented and qualified musicians are not landing auditions at orchestras, touring, releasing albums, playing events or even able to make a decent living just doing music. Worst of all, they are not living a life of true freedom.

So what should you focus on? How can a musician differentiate themselves to experience the abundance and freedom they are looking for in their life and music career?

Well here’s the good news: We live in a unique and exciting time where the old systems and pathways for success are becoming increasingly irrelevant as those who are innovative and creative are taking advantage of the turning tide and are carving out for themselves entirely new paths - and having a blast along the way!

Who are these musicians?

Well, they are the ones who understand that mastering their ‘music business’ in this changing environment, is essential.

And here it is, if you want to experience financial freedom as a musician, heck, even do music for a living, you need to understand that being a musician and creating a proper business, go hand in hand.

Now, if you’ve read up to this point, you’re probably in the small but growing percentage of musicians who have picked up on this and understand the importance of business being the link…. And with that comes finding a niche of people to truly serve, who love what you do, and are willing to pay you well for it, ‘consistently’. Gone are the days of ‘Hey hire me, I’ll do any event’. People (the ones who want to hear your music) want a service they can connect with...

At this point in your career, perhaps you’re observing what other business savvy musicians appear to be doing and are realizing there is a lot to do if you want to create a sustainable music business, you’re not alone. You’ll realize promoting your music business, making connections, and seeing a full calendar of bookings usually tops the list.

But, a word to the wise..

You see, most musicians think you need to be:

- Signing up on the knot, Weddingwire etc.

- Praying for referrals and hoping something comes your way

- Having a creative website design, and endless list of impressive past clients and accolades on their bio page

- Compulsively posting on Instagram and shooting for +10k followers

- Getting ‘exposure’ at every music related event in a 100 mile radius

This might be what everyone is doing who ‘looks’ successful. But really, it’s a version of ‘hope’ marketing and it leaves you exhausted putting your efforts into 97 different things with no way to predictably and consistently know you can generate more bookings.

What if instead of receiving a bunch of cold leads who usually stay as "cold untrusting traffic" (and ghost you)...

You generated leads who went through a predictable process where the brides end up becoming raving fans for your PERSONAL BRAND.

So if you’re tired of doing what everyone else is doing and seeing mediocre results.. and if you’d like to find a predictable and consistent way to make an income from the music you love to play and contribute your art to the world, there’s good news...

Instead of following what the competition does, and not truly understanding why certain strategies work. This blog is dedicated to how to attract leads and turn them into high ticket paying clients from top business strategies. We’ll be peeling back the layers regarding the principles from businesses outside of music that are tried and true. Stay tuned

To your success!

Meet Allison

Allison Legendre helps ambitious musicians build financially thriving businesses through growing their audience and booking high ticket gigs. She is an expert at helping musicians get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand. If your interested in growing your music business and getting high-ticket clients, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session.